We are a sustainable development design company founded in 2007. It all started with the desire to stand out from a crowd and make a difference. We cooperate with different material producers and importers to create new products with surplus materials. The founder of the company and designer of the products Susanne Hamari has a strong knowledge of interior design work. This knowledge allowed Susanne to create a company based on the idea of circulation economy. What matters in product design are simplicity, visuality, multifunctionality and of course, the material.

THINK TODAY has operated for over 10 years as a sustainable development pioneer. Over the years we have reached many of our goals, but we still have a strong vision and desire to grow domestically and internationally.

It is important to us to minimize the amount of usable material and waste that ends up at the landfills. The materials that we can’t utilize are directed to new uses. Transparency in everything we do guarantees the customer the possibility of following the material’s journey in our production chain. 

We manufacture our products in Finland. We employ artisans, small companies and interns from different fields of study. We want to guarantee high quality in manufacturing and production as well as multifunctional THINK TODAY products.

Our award-winning products have been granted the mark of origin, Design from Finland by the Association for Finnish Work (Suomalaisen Työn Liitto). In addition, we have created a wide web of cooperation partners in order to utilize already existing circulation economy models even better in Finland.

Satisfied customers, along with our pets, are extremely important to us!

“We manufacture our products in Finland”