THINK TODAY products are manufactured by utilizing usable surplus materials from different industries and putting them to new use.

All materials we use are high-quality, tested and durable. The materials we use are often different, which means the shades, structures and patterns vary. When purchasing from us you are always guaranteed an individualized and aesthetic product.


Our products are designed and manufactured locally in FinLand. This way we employ professionals from different fields and guarantee the high-quality of the products. We have created a wide net for material collection where the materials from our collaboration companies ends up being used again in our products. This way we expand the life cycle of the material and minimize the amount of usable material that ends up in the landfills and gets incinerated.


We utilize the newest industrial machines and ways of working in our production. Our informative packages are also made in Finland. Please read the story of our materials below.




CERAMIC TILE is a multifunctional material. It holds heat and cold and for that reason it is the perfect material for a pot holder, coaster or a cooler. The material is weatherproof and can be used outdoors. The tile has similar attributes to natural stone. It is easy and effortless material to maintain.


LAMINATE is a very light and multifunctional material for different interior design products. Different patterns and shades combined with the feature of being easy to clean and maintain gives the product a beautiful individual look.




We use different types of ACRYLIC in our products. The material works well in jewellery. It is extremely light, easy individualize and to work with.




ALUMINUM COMPOSITE is a durable metal covered material that is easy to clean.




PLASTIC FLOORING is durable and flexible. It is also easy to clean, which makes it the perfect material for bags and pets’ feeding mats.


EXHIBITION CARPET is the perfect material for storage boxes and bags. We recycle already used clean exhibition carpet and bring it back to life.




We utilize non-woven WALLPAPER in different ways, such as in coasters combined with laminate. This way wallpaper with printing errors, example books and broken rolls can have a new purpose.






In REFLECTOR manufacturing there is always SURPLUS. The surplus pieces can be used to make new reflectors in certain shapes.

PAPER MAPS became waste in 2013 when maps were switched to an electronic form. However, it is possible to make new products from paper maps by combining them with other materials.

Significant amounts of ADVERTISING AND MARKETING MATERIAL is wasted after a short use. We can create new products from banners, roll ups, flags, pennants, exhibition tents etc.

We recycle TEXTILES including furniture fabric, curtains and other textile materials into pet toys, storage products, bags and decorative pillows. High quality fabric material is extremely durable.

LEATHER is high quality car manufacturing upholstery surplus material. This material is easy to work with and to use. We use surplus leather for accessories and bags as well as details in our interior design products.