Pet supplies

We like pets. We think that the well-being of pets is important and that’s why we want to create well designed circulation economy products for pets and their owners.

Our selection provides you ergonomic and decorative bowl holders for both cats and dogs. We have products for both, small and larger pets. For manufacturing the decks for the bowl holders, we use different surplus materials such as aluminum composite, laminate and different plastic materials. The appearance of the product is easy to adapt to different decor styles and spaces by changing the deck to a different material, shade or pattern. New decks can be ordered separately.

Pets age and might also become ill, and that is why it is good for them to eat from a higher level, regardless of their size. Detrition, cervical vertebrae or back pain, efflux and breeds, which have the risk for gastric dilatation are reasons why you should provide your pet with a higher level for eating and drinking. In addition, we wanted to manufacture a bowl holder with a simple and timeless design which fits for all types of homes. Our selection also provides your pet feeding mats and toys made from textiles and exhibition carpet.

“Pets are important to us”