Circulation economy design products as business gifts

We have productized and designed different kind of business gifts with a “waste of value” thought for different sized companies. The materials are quality surplus materials from our cooperation partners but they can also be from the customer’s surplus from their own production. They can be marketing materials, flags, banners, metals, composites, wood or plastic. We will find a suitable working method and ideas for new use.

We individualize and pack them, as our customers want. We can even deliver them straight to the customer without unnecessary shipments back and forth. We manufacture multifunctional design pieces and can create small, light and convenient packages that are easy to ship, for exhibitions. We also tailor and deliver other products such as trays made from Finnish birch, chocolate, blankets, compostable cleaning cloths, which are all domestic. Does your company have its own idea for a business gift? The receivers of the gifts appreciates domesticity, the values of sustainable development, multifunctionality and the stories behind the product.  Please contact us and be part of our story.

Circulation economy is the future and, in our opinion, usable high-quality materials should always be remanufacured for another use.

We help customers understand why all the opportunities to promote circulation economics should be utilized here and now. A change for the better is happening now!

Our company was selected for the 2017 Kasvu Open finals as one of the most innovative companies in the circulation economy business, amongst others. Our products are design award winning and have been licensed with the Finnish Designers’ Association Design From Finland mark. In addition, we have established extensive cooperation networks in order to make existing circular economy models more accessible in Finland as well. Our future is bright and growing.

“Useful, high-quality materials should always be re-manufactured for a new use”